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Brain Ache Records is a DIY label based in the North East of England.
We tend not to set boundaries in the genres being released but the current releases could be classed under hardcore/punk/emo/screamo.
Most of the releases have been out on Vinyl but there's currently one CD release out and many more including tape releases in the future!
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morrissey, SERIOUSLY?!




as if you could compare the two … what planet is Morrissey on? such an outrageous statement to make… quit trying to be cool.

Think it’s ridiculous he sees at as ‘nothing’.

Inb4 vegetarian/vegan attacks.


I’m not veg or vegan but think about what he’s saying and put it into proper context.

The number of people who died is 97 which is nothing in comparison to the number of animals killed for food by the fast food chains.

He’s not dismissing the killings and saying the were deserved or anything if that was the case it would be totally different.

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